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JANUARY 18, 2022

What's new in Microsoft Teams

We have a lot to share with you today, including new updates on meeting capabilities and layout updates to make the most of your device screen’s real estate.
Together with Microsoft, First Datacorp will continue to improve to meet your needs and remain your Modern Work partner!

Order of raised hands

Ensure that all voices are heard and people feel seen just as in person by seeing the order of raised hands in a meeting. Simply click on the Participants panel to see who raised their hand and in what order. Now you know the order of who to call on first to speak so that no participant is missed.


Microsoft Loop components in Teams chat

Loop components allows you to create live, collaborative components that can be edited in the flow of your work, whether in chat, meetings, email or documents. The first part of this vision is rolling out now to Teams chat, enabling you to edit messages inline and avoid a long back-and-forth chat thread. Users also can send a message with a Loop component, like a table, action items, or a list and have it co-authored and edited by everyone inline.

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Content from camera

Content from camera in Teams enables intelligent capture which allows you to share content from physical whiteboards and documents in a high-quality way during meetings. You can use the camera in your laptop, a secondary USB webcam, or a document camera. Just like the experience available in Microsoft Teams Rooms, the intelligent content capture technology will detect, crop, and frame the asset while enhancing the content in the video stream. People standing in front of the asset can be made transparent so everyone can see content clearly.

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New and improved search results experience on Microsoft Teams

Find the information you need exactly when you need it with the new Microsoft Teams search results page. We’ve re-envisioned the Teams search function to make it easier, faster, and also more consistent with the search experience you’re used to with other Microsoft products.

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